KTM-HUSKY Front Line Orange

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KTM 125-250-450 2012-2021

MOTO STUFF premium Steel Braided Brake lines by CORE MOTO are made to our own specifications using only the highest quality materials including Dupont PTFE liners and a tight weave aircraft-grade stainless steel casing covered in Clear, Red or Stealth Black vinyl and an industry exclusive clear translucent HD ACRYLON sheathing to prevent abrasion and provide precise alignment on the bike.

The stainless steel banjo fittings are powder coated bright Red or Blue and are adjustable for precise fitment! Each line also comes with Stainless steel Banjo Bolts and a new set of copper sealing washers.

The patented adjustable banjo fittings eliminate binding issues and excessive rubbing /abrasion. (easily adjusted using pliers to grip and rotate the line at the crimp joint area)

Kit includes:

  • Front and Rear lines
  • Set of 8 new crush washers
  • 4 stainless steel banjo bolts


How to install CORE MOTO MX brake lines

Upgrading to a stainless line will improve brake lever feel by reducing line expansion, especially on bikes with stock rubber lines that are more than 6 months old (around 20-30 hours of use) year old which will begin to flex and balloon when the brakes are applied. Also, the smaller inside diameter of our lines reduces the volume of fluid being compressed so the response is quicker.

Our lines are made using 2.5mm tubing vs the 3mm tubing most common aftermarket braided lines are made of. Our lines also feature a longer protective sheathing that makes them compatible with the Cycra Stadium plates. With most other lines the sheathing will catch the Cycra cable guide and bind. Our lines also utilize compression bonded sheathing to ensure that the sheathing does not slide on the line which can lead to dangerous rotor contact.

KTM-HUSKY  Front  Line Orange