Bike of the Month: December 2020

Special congrats to Rob Major for winning our December bike of the month with his KTM 250 SX. This bike has quite the comeback story for Rob.

Modification List:

  • Pro circuit pipe and silencer
  • Boysen Rad valve
  • Keihin pwk ag Carburetor
  • Motostuff 280mm front rotor
  • Motostuff rear rotor
  • Motostuff titanium bolts throughout the bike
  • Pro pegs ti-pegs and brake tip
  • Works connection floating rear chain adjusters
  • Misc Zeta bling
  • Acerbis gray plastic kit
  • Factory Seat seat
  • Factory Backing Graphics (they have been my go to for 20 years personal and Majors Mx concepts related stickers and graphics
  • Suspension has been done by Tanner Harding at JMC Motor sports (WP Suspension genius!!)
  • Devol lowering link Dunlop Geomax rubber
  • Constantly upgrading and test better parts

If you want more information on the bike and its mods, or you want to win the Bike of the Month contest yourself head over to our bike of the month former on our website.

Also Rob would like to give a special thank you to all the brands/people who helped along the way:

Scott at Motostuff has been a huge help making this working man's build happen

Factory Backing Graphics for making my bikes look so much faster than I can make them go! And I have always had very good machines in the past AND Having to keep up my reputation for overly trick bikes that I wish I could ride to there potential!!

Ryan Lyle, Neal Allen, RJ Majors and Annie Flood for enabling me to spend and build a dream machine

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