About Us

MOTO STUFF is the evolution of CRF STUFF. CRF STUFF hit the Moto scene in 2008 with a revolutionary new brake system known as the “BLADE”. The Blade was so effective, it quickly became the brake system of choice by top pro teams including MUSCLE MILK Factory HONDA and GEICO Factory Connections Teams.

As MOTO STUFF we now offer the BLADE system along with our line of trick billet fasteners and other innovative parts and accessories for all top MX bike brands! Check out our new site at MOTOSTUFF.COM and find out why Christian Craig, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Justin Bogle, Trey Canard, Wil Hahn, Kevin Windham, Jimmy Decotis, Brett Cue, Colt Nichols, Scott Champion, Beau Bamberg, Jerryd Mc Niel, Nate Adams and many more choose our “Trick Stuff for the Greatest Dirt Bikes on Earth!“

At MOTO STUFF we are dedicated to improving the Fun, Safety and Performance of your bike!


Scott, Erin & the MOTO STUFF Team!