Bike of the Month: January 2021

With the new year FINALLY coming around we figured we would want to start the year with a bang. We wanted to pick a bike that we thought was not only rad, but was also something we haven’t picked yet. Then we stumbled upon this bike named “The Green Goblin” which caught our eye, then as we looked through the questions and saw the answer to the modification list question and saw that the response was “Too much to list!!!” We put our evil Grinch grin face on and looked at the pictures and weren’t disappointed. So without further due, Paul Sheaves’ 2004 KX 250…

We chose the Green Goblin because we haven’t had a Kawasaki winner yet and it was also a 2-SMOKER... and we all can appreciate a clean and sexy 2-stroke. We asked Paul what made him want to build this bike and said; “I have been riding since I was 7 years old, and I am 47 now!!, I have raced motocross since I was 10, and still actively racing today, I loved the 2 strokes growing up and had several Kawasaki’s, a friend of mine Ryan Hawco started the build on a bone stock mostly KX 250, but he switched to KTM, I bought a 2004 KX 125  to race the dream class, and I heard he wanted to sell the 250, so I picked it up.”

"The bike has been fully restored, all new bushings and bearings for the suspension, and re-valved by Pro Action, powder coating was extensive, including frame, swing arm, triple trees, hubs, cylinder head, linkage, and lots of small parts, new Pro Circuit pipe and silencer, Vertex piston and rings, Boyeseen rad valve and covers for engine, Lectron carb also, almost everything on it was refreshed and new, it has the kit for the new style plastic, so the bike has 2018 KX 450 subframe seat , tank and all the plastic, Limenine does all my bikes for the graphics!!!"

Looking at bike like these it is always interesting to see how much really goes into bikes like this to make them what they are. Sheaves was kind enough to tell us that he has about $7,500 into it now, and he wouldn’t change a thing about the build except maybe putting a hydraulic clutch kit on it, since he likes the feel of a hydraulic system. 

Paul also would go on to say; “Riding this bike is so incredible, it feels like my 2019 KX 450, but the power now with the Lectron makes it unbelievably awesome, handles and performs like a new bike!”

"The name Green Goblin comes from my friend Matty who I race with, my three bikes all look identical now, and he said it looked like the Green Goblin, black and green and totally mean!!!"

Paul’s favorite part of the build was mounting the Pro Circuit pipe, and the graphics. But like most builds there comes some problems, with the Green Goblin there was the powder coat that needed to be taken off where the CDI mounts to frame and it had no spark at first. 

“Honestly still can’t stop staring at it, it’s so SANO. I am rebuilding the 125 right now actually, only leaving the stock 2004 plastics and hardware. 

It will be an incredible bike as well!! I have over 250 hours into the 250, and Ryan probably has more.”

250+ hours yes you read that right…

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