Bike of the Month: November 2020

For the month of November we have a real treat of a bike to share with you. This bike is not only a piece of art, it also comes with an incredible story that makes this bike truly something special.

But before we get rolling into the bike, who is our newest B.O.T.M. winner?

This would be Logan Hansen out of Provo Utah who lives with his beautiful wife and kids. He is a man who loves all kinds of riding as he grew up racing motocross, desert, WORCS and was lucky enough to have a full scale private arena-cross track in his backyard as a kid. He grew up racing, and went through every brand of bike. Logan’s very first bike was an old Trail 70 his parents bought at a yard sale, so Logan has been a Honda fan since day one. 

Looking at some of the pictures you may notice that this bike looks just like Justin Brayton’s bike… Well you would be correct because this is no replica. Here is the story one what makes this bike something Logan cherishes:

"A few months before our third baby was due in March of ‘19, my wife and I had narrowed down one boy name and one girl name, we didn’t know the gender and wanted it to be a surprise. Less than a week before the due date my wife went in for a check, and the nurse could not find a heartbeat. I rushed to the hospital, the doctors performed a c-section and we met our little boy for the first time. The boy name we had picked out was Brayton, after #10. We had a funeral and received so much love and support from family and friends. My wife reached out to Justin Brayton’s wife, Paige to let her know how much their last name means to us now. We never expected it but a few days later they invited us to the Vegas race, I was stoked to spend the weekend with them and the whole team in the pits! Our kids played in the sunshine, and when it was over I even got an opportunity to help out the team. All of this inspired me to do this bike build in honor of my son. You can bet anything that I’ll always keep this 2019 Honda in my possession."


Q: What was your favorite memory of the Vegas race? 

A: Having the opportunity to be on “the other side of the fence” was unforgettable. Meeting the crew and even having the opportunity to help out the team afterwards was definitely my best memory.

Q: What is it like to ride the bike?

A: It’s a monster! Hands down the best bike I’ve ever ridden. I like to think that all the time I spend either working on it or riding it is father / son time with my little boy, Brayton. I have pretty much two of everything for it, and swap it all out to ride so I can retain factory looking condition.

Q: When looking at the final product, how excited were you with how it turned out?

A: My brother (Parker) and I went down to California to pick up this bike; pretty much everything stock had been put back on before it became mine. Since then, I’ve been checking off a list of everything I’ve wanted to add to it... and it’s still not finished! Withal, I’m super proud of how it’s turned out.

Current Mod list:

✓ ARC Flex Brake / Clutch levers
✓ Supersprox Rear Aluminum Sprocket 50t
✓ MCR / Rekluse clutch cover
✓ Works Connection Front & Rear Brake Reservoir Covers
✓ GUTS Factory Seat
✓ Yoshimura RS-9 Full Exhaust System (AMA sound checked might I add!)
✓ Maxima ProFilter 
✓ D.I.D Dirt Star Rims
✓ MCR Honda, Bullfrog Spas, Smartop 2019 team graphics
✓ Race Tech Gold Valves and Springs
✓ Pro Pegs Titanium Foot Pegs
✓ Dunlop MX33 Tires, rear 110/90-19
✓ CV4 Radiator Hose Kit
✓ Ride Engineering Pull Rods
✓ X-Trig ROCS Triple Clamps
✓ D.I.D 520 ERT3 Gold Chain
✓ Renthal Twinwall Handlebars and grips

Special thanks:

  • My wife Tia, son Koven, brother, dad and entire family 
  • Justin & Paige Brayton 
  • Tony Alessi
  • Dustin at Motostuff of course!

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