Bike of the month: October 2020

In recent months we have picked a Monster of a KTM 350, Factory level Honda 250 and 450, a beast of Yamaha 250, and now we have a RMZilla of a 450! Logan Ryder owner of this trick machine wanted to build this ride build being a Yamaha guy his whole life ab purchased a 2012 YZ450, and couldn’t seem to get comfortable on it. After getting injured a few times he decided to throw a leg over a RMZ and the rest was history, with Suzuki’s handling being so elite he would then get comfortable on the bike right away. Then the mod addiction began… “I bought the bike brand new and would put a little bit of money into it every winter and realized I’ll never get rid of the bike because I’ll never get what I have into it, so why not go all out?”

Here is the modification list on this cool bike:

  • CNC Ported head 
  • Stage 2 hot cams 
  • High compression piston
  • X-Trig ROCS triple clamps
  • Pro Taper Fuzion bars
  • Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 clutch
  • Full Pro Circuit exhaust
  • Pro Circuit Suspension
  • Oversized front rotor
  • Hammerhead rear brake lever, shifter, and case saver
  • Boyesen super cooler water pump
  • Mishimoto radiator hoses
  • Motostuff (Pro-Peg) titanium foot pegs
  • Dubya anodized ignition cover plugs, oil fill cap, rear brake clevis and axle blocks
  • Pro Taper front brake and clutch
  • Works Connection holeshot device
  • Devol Transformer adjustable pull rod
  • Lightspeed full coverage skid plate, rear caliper and disc guards
  • No Toil high flow air filter cage
  • Acerbis chain guide
  • Works connection radiator braces
  • Yellow Excel wheels and Talon carbon hubs
  • Motostuff front caliper
  • Core brake lines
  • MotoTassinari air boot
  • SC Precision billet valve cover
  • Matrix Designs Graphics
  • SC3 Coating Cerakote (ignition cover, valve cover, motor mounts, rear caliper and mount)

We asked Logan, like any other bike of the month winner, what his top three favorite and/or necessity mods to make the bike better. Ryder would proceed to say: “First favorite would definitely be the Rekluse clutch. Track or trails it’s so nice to have, Second favorite would be the Dubya wheels. The yellow excels with the blue talon carbon hubs are what most people notice first about the bike. Third, you can’t go wrong with that Motostuff billet front brake caliper. You guys did an awesome job on that. Not only for the bling factor but the bite/feel that it offers is top notch.” Logan would also go on to say that the bike is very smooth and linear, having the Fastcore Mods port job works wonders teamed up with the stage 2 Hot Cams and Pro Circuit exhaust. 

As stated earlier we called this the RMZilla, which most of us are familiar with Travis’ 500. Ironically Logans friend Carl started calling it the RMZilla for that very reason, with the motor work and it just kind of stuck with it for good reason. Logans favorite part about building the RMZilla was “just interacting with so many good people in the industry and how helpful they all were/are.” Thankfully he was lucky with this bike/ build and didn’t run into any hiccups, with that he was able to create a masterpiece that he couldn’t be happier. Makes sense when you get to build your own version of a factory bike, “what person that rides doesn’t want a little piece of that feeling?”

If you're a fan of this bike you are in luck because Logan does plan on building another bike in the future. He wants to build a 250 2 stroke, either an RM250 or a KX250. 

Logan received a helping hand by a few people/companies and would like to say a special thanks to:

  • My brother Corey at ABC Racing
  • Rob Gnagey at RG Mods for the motor work
  • Nick Lubiarz at Metrolakes for all the laser etching and literally being willing to help out in whatever way possible. 
  • Matrix Designs killed it on the graphics
  • Brian Parker for the powder coat work
  • Cole Anderson at Dubya was so awesome to work with especially having to special order the hubs in blue for me
  • Shawn Chamberlain at SC3 Coating for the cerakote work
  • Scott Case at SC Precision for reaching out to me and allowing me to run a one off version of his billet valve covers that are now being used by the HEP Suzuki team

Congrats Logan for a beautiful build!

Thank you all for checking out our October Bike of the Month, get your application in now! For more inspiration, we will leave this right here:

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