BOLT Hub-Savers FUJI Lock Sprocket Bolt Kit - Silver


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BOLT Hub-Savers FUJI Lock Sprocket Bolt Kit - Silver

This kit includes six class 10.9 zinc plated steel sprocket bolts with factory style class 10.9 Fuji metal-locking nuts and washers. Each sprocket bolt has medium strength thread lock patches pre-applied, which liquefies and anaerobically seals when the bolt is tightened for a double-lock. This kit also includes an 8mm socket tool insert for socket wrenches.

Fits all Japanese and most European dirt bikes.

Our hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from the USA & Taiwan.

Important installation information:

Hub-Savers are the strongest, most complete sprocket fasteners available and have been developed and tested at the professional level in both motocross and off-road applications.

Sprocket bolts are a critical fastener and must be installed properly to ensure your safety and to avoid damaging your machine. To ensure long and reliable use of these quality fasteners:

  • First clean and inspect your hub. If the hub is damaged or if the mounting holes are oval, the hub must
  • Use the included Allen insert in an 8mm socket wrench to install the sprocket bolts.
  • Refer to your owner’s manual for the proper torque (typically 25 ft-lbs), take the torque reading on the nut side. Never over-tighten sprocket bolts!

If your sprocket bolts become loose, they must be replaced! Sprocket bolts become loose only under extreme stress, an indication that either they were installed improperly or there is a problem with the driveline. Check the driveline for bent chain guides, bad wheel alignment, damaged mounting holes on the hub, etc. Properly tightened sprocket bolts on properly functioning drive lines will remain tight indefinitely.

BOLT Hub-Savers FUJI Lock Sprocket Bolt Kit Silver