270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile


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MOTO STUFF 270mm HONDA Factory Team Blade Oversize Brake kit


Now you can buy the exact same brakes that Kevin Windham, Trey Canard, Justin Barcia, Chad Reed, and the entire American HONDA Racing Team and the GEICO Factory Connection Racing Team use on their bikes.

This kit differs from our other kits in that it has some HRC specific detailing to reduce the possibility of damage from rocks etc. The entire outer diameter has been CNC'd with a beveled edge so that if it does take an impact from a rock or makes contact with another bike etc, the deformation will be less likely to affect brake performance as it is spread across the beveled surface and won't cause erratic brake performance or binding.

Kit Includes:

  • MOTO STUFF 270mm Rotor
  • MOTO STUFF "Superlight" Billet Mounting bracket

    FYI- 95% of our sales are for our 280mm kit and that is what we run on our own bikes. The 270 kit we make for GEICO and Team HONDA is sort of a compromise for them. They used to run 260's in SX and 280's in outdoors, but it was a big hassle swapping back and forth and keeping track of all the spare wheels, brake caliper brackets, etc on the race bikes and practice bikes, so they asked us to make the 270.

    The Moto Stuff Factory Team HONDA kits cost a bit more because they are made in much smaller quantities and they also have a radiused bevel edge machined on the outer diameter to prevent impacts from small rocks etc from affecting brake performance. This is an HRC requirement for Team Honda. It's an expensive process and we don't do it on our standard rotors. We've never heard of a customer having an issue from a rock impact, but Honda wants it on their rotors, so we do it!

    The main reason they use a smaller diameter in SX is due to the higher risk of the rotor being damaged from contact with other riders. The MOTO STUFF Blade (270mm & 280mm) is made using materials and processes developed with input from Mike Larocco, Kevin Windham, and Trey Canard. The Blade system is not grabby like some oversize brakes, they are very linear and easy to modulate for consistent performance.

    Why upgrade your brakes? You can easily lock them up and slide / skid now, right? That's the problem. Modern motocross bikes have very powerful brakes, however, they don't offer much in the way of modulation or linear application. That is the ability to achieve maximum braking force without wheel lock-up. As soon as the wheel locks up, you lose control or much worse! Power without control is why 4 strokes hook up and outperform 2 strokes. Your ability to modulate (control) the braking force is what makes for a great brake that you can put to maximum use. MOTO STUFF Bladetm brakes are the highest quality and absolute best performing brakes you can buy.

    Team HONDA and the GEICO Factory Connection team have been winning titles with MOTO STUFF Bladetm Brakes for several years. They can run any brakes they want and they choose the MOTO STUFF Blade System as it provides ultimate performance and significantly improved durability, heat rejection and lasts 2-3 times longer than the competition. Wide modulation range, linear and consistent performance rapidly builds your trust in your brakes at the limit. Below are the main benefits you’ll enjoy with a MOTO STUFF BLADE SYSTEM that will improve your competitive edge!

    • 36% increase in swept area and 18% increase in moment arm for dramatic improvement in braking power, control and modulation. (AKA The ability to develop maximum stopping power without locking up the brakes)
    • The trick lightweight design of the Moto Stuff Blade System weighs only 512 grams (18.7 oz) and looks like nothing else on the market. Nearly a full pound lighter than popular floating designs. The Blade system is 40% lighter than inferior floating oversize brake systems. That is huge! Title winning teams spend thousands of dollars on Titanium axles and fasteners to shed 8-10 oz's off the front suspension. This is also unsprung and rotating weight, every pound of reduced unsprung weight is the equivalent of 3 pounds savings of sprung weight off the chassis. Reducing rotational mass also has a noticeable positive effect on turn-in and overall handling.
    • 270mm rotor laser cut and machined in heat-treated 400 series stainless steel for warp-free performance and superior heat dissipation. Moto Stuff Blades typically last 2-3 times longer than the competition!
    • Hi-strength 6061 billet aluminum bracket is hard anodized for a tough long-lasting finish. Rotor material is compatible with all top-quality aftermarket pads, we recommend stock pads or our AP Racing Pads for best performance.
    • Easily installed in under 30 minutes with common hand tools
    • 1-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship

      NOTE: For 2009-2012 R models,  our rotor is too large, so you will need to order the axle spacer that goes between the wheel hub and the fork lug as this part has been integrated into the rotor cover on 2009-2012 models (or you can also simply press the spacer out of the original disc guard). 

        Available for:

        • 2015-2022 CRF 250 and 450 models
        • 2004-2014 CRF 250 and 450 models
        • 1996-2007 CR 125-250
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile
        270mm Front Oversize BLADE Brake Kit HONDA V1 Profile