Splitstream Fuel Filter HONDA CRF


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Splitstream Fuel Filter Honda CRF

Each Splitstream fuel filter is made of fuel safe nylon mesh for long life and protection. Designed for a snug fit under the fuel cap, where it strains all fuel that enters the fuel tank. When you are riding it is under your fuel cap ready for the next fill up.

A couple of things we noticed while testing the Splitstream fuel filters over the past few months.

  1. We were concerned that the filter might slow down the filling process, but we did not experience that with any of our fuel jugs. If you do begin to experience reduced fill speed, then it's probably time to pull the filter out and give it a good wash with hot water and dish soap in the kitchen sink. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!
  2. On the first fill-up, it seems like the sock filter will prevent you from being able to see the fuel level as the tank is filling, but it is just like normal, you can see the fuel level in the sock as the tank fills. Below are links to recent posts on Thumpertalk.com that go into the severity of the problem in much more detail.

Here are some helpful links regarding the fuel system on modern injected bikes:

With the introduction of fuel injection on several 2009 MX bikes, clean fuel has become critical. Many owners are experiencing loss of power and starting issues related to contaminated fuel. The contaminants gradually accumulate in the in-tank filter and over time reduce flow to the point that it begins to affect performance.

Initially, the complete fuel pump assembly had to be replaced at over $300 on some models. The quality control on pump gas is really poor nowadays and you will not believe what you'll find in the filter! Over a short period of time, unfiltered fuel allows debris that will eventually begin to cause starting problems and bogging due to clogging. In severe cases, the bike will not start/run at all and can cause the bike to bog or stall at the most inopportune of times.......

The fine micron mesh material used in the Splitstream fuel filter will even filter out water, however, you will need to pull the filter and shake it out after fueling, otherwise, the vibration of the running bike will allow the water to pass through the filter.

This filter fits the following Bikes:

  • HONDA CRF 250R 2010-2017
  • HONDA CRF 450R 2009-2016
  • Does not fit 2017 -2018 450R or RX or 2018 CRF 250R
Splitstream Fuel Filter HONDA CRF
Splitstream Fuel Filter HONDA CRF
Splitstream Fuel Filter HONDA CRF
Splitstream Fuel Filter HONDA CRF