Team HONDA 260mm Blade Replacement Rotor V2 Profile 2015-2022 Only!


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MOTO STUFF 260mm BLADE replacement rotor for 2015-2022 CRF 250R and 450R with stock diameter brake.

In the title hunt? Keep a spare rotor handy! You never know when some Yamaha rider might broadside you and mess up your rotor! We make these rotors in this spec exclusively for Team HONDA and now that the 2015's come with a 260, this rotor makes a great upgrade or replacement in stock configuration. The 260mm Blade is made in much smaller quantities and they also have a radiused bevel edge machined on the outer diameter to prevent impacts from small rocks etc from affecting brake performance. This is an HRC requirement for Team Honda. It's an expensive process and we don't do it on our standard rotors. We've never heard of a customer having an issue from a rock impact, but Honda wants it on their rotors, so we do it! Main reason they use smaller diameter in SX is due to the higher risk of the rotor being damaged from contact with other riders. The CRF STUFF Blade (260, 270mm & 280mm) is made using materials and processes developed with input from Mike Larocco, Kevin Windham and Trey Canard. The Blade system is not grabby like some oversize brakes, they are very linear and easy to modulate for consistent performance.

Team HONDA 260mm Blade Replacement Rotor V2 Profile 2015-2020